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Florida State Licensed

Bartending Course (40Hrs)

(English & Spanish)

The course instructs actual techniques and experiences every bartender must know by allotting enough time on product knowledge, cocktail preparation, wine knowledge and service, as well as the essential steps of customer service to make you employable. Our courses are taught by industry leaders which currently work as trainers, bartenders and bar consultants throughout the hospitality industry.

Our Miami State Licensed Bartending School offers 40 Intensive Hours 

The emphasis of the course is that you NEVER BARBACK OR SERVE a day in your life!  We'll get you behind the bar, making 200+ cocktails, while having a fun and worthwhile experience. This is by far the best way to gain confidence and feel comfortable behind the bar. We go slow at first then push it into overdrive to build a strong foundation every bartender should have!  That's if they want to move up the ladder quickly. We only accept up to 12 students per class. This ensures everyone learns exactly what is needed to become successfully employed. Sustaining the proper knowledge to tend bar anywhere, anytime.


Just a peek of what we cover:

INTRODUCTIONS, BAR SETUP, AND EQUIPMENT: Students will be introduced to the bar and the equipment they will be using in the field. A full overview along with Opening & Closing of a proper bar setup, including bartender’s stations, full back bars, glassware, tools & equipment. Students will also have access to our back of the house walk ins, coolers, dry storage and spirits room for educational purposes.

SPIRITS, MAXIMIZING PROFITS: Understanding expressions, bottle labeling and classifications between all spirit categories in full detail. Fully stocked spirits bar allows for nosing comparisons to better understand the variations of brand expressions. History, origins, and common brands are also discussed.  

SPIRITS & BRANDYS: Continuation and expansion of spirits knowledge.

POURING & MEASUREMENTS:  Understanding how to maximize bar profits by using effective pouring strategies. Hands on practice covering all techniques.

METHODS OF DRINK BUILDING - PREPARATION & PRESENTATION: Understanding numerous methods & steps to ensure each cocktail is built properly. Keeping the customers culinary experience in the forefront. 

LIQUEURS: Our students will continue to expand their knowledge of spirits. They will learn all the various types of liqueurs as well as the flavors associated with each brand including the history, origins and the differences between generics & proprietary's.

PREPARING GARNISHES & COCKTAIL ADDITIVES: Our students will learn the preparation for basic to advanced garnishing techniques for yesterday’s traditional cocktails to today’s most popular trendy libations. They will also come to understand herbs, bitters and syrups often used to prepare and enhance taste and presentation.

BAR SET UP, MIXOLOGY & LAB TIME : Students will gain hands on practice on setting up a full scale bar, preparing traditional & trendy cocktails including Highball Drinks, Rocks Drinks, & Martinis.

BAR SET UP BAR SETUP, MIXOLOGY & LAB TIME: Students will gain hands on practice on setting up a full scale bar, preparing the industry’s most popular Shots & Shooters, Sours, Cream Drinks, Tropical & Frozen Drinks. Hands on practice of all drinks learned.

HOW TO MAXIMIZE & INCREASE YOUR TIPS: Learn how to select the most rewarding work venues to maximize income while working. Learn to incorporate industry trade secrets that can catapult you earning power. Customer service Procedures: Cash handling procedures & customer sequence of service & procedures.

WINE SEMINAR: Our students will be acquainted with the definitions and understanding of labeling, wine varietals and classification systems. Processes involved in making all the types of wines, and general information pertaining to the industry. Included will be shown proper white glove wine service. Mixology & lab - wine & coffee drinks

PREPARING JUICES & MODIFIERS :  How to prepare different juices, syrups and industry standard mixes.

SPEED BARTENDING: HOW TO SURVIVE THE SERVICE BAR: Students will learn and practice the art of speed bartending. They will obtain the skills and confidence to keep pace with any high volume establishment.

WORKING PRIVATE EVENTS:  Learn how to get your own private gigs and navigate working for a staffing company.

BASIC BAR MANAGEMENT : Our students will be given a clearly defined comprehensive look for making a profit for the success of any bar operation as well as the do’s and don’ts of bartending and how to be most profitable in their time behind the bar.

LAB MIXOLOGY AND BARTENDING: Our students will have been taught 183 drink recipes and will be given ample opportunity during lab time to work behind the bar to practice the recipes and techniques so that they become second nature.

SERVING THE CUSTOMER & ALCOHOL AWARENESS: Our students will learn the dos and don’ts of dealing with their patrons. They will learn how to handle customer problems and the legalities that apply to the Bartending Profession will also be covered. They will also learn how to serve customers responsibly.

REVIEW: Our students will do a full cram session review to prepare for examination.

TESTING: Three part exam which consists of a written exam, pouring, and a practical hands. Students will be allowed a maximum total of three hours to finish all three parts.

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Our Miami State Licensed Bartending School offers the 40 Hour Florida Bartending Course for either one week, two weeks, or three weekends, Classes are held inside of the actual cocktail bar. Classes run for approximately 5 to 7 hours per session, Monday through Friday, from either 9:30-2:30pm or 5:30-10:30pm or our Accelerated Intensive one week course Monday thru Friday from 930am-5:30pm. Weekend course schedules runs approximately 6.5 hours a day, Saturdays and Sundays for (3) weekends. Please note our courses are offered in English and Spanish, our instructors are multilingual (se habla espanol).  

786-BARTEND Bartending School is a state licensed bartending school in the by the Department of Education License #4876

**CE Courses are not under the purview of the Commission for Independent Education

*** Completing a course or program in a language other than English may reduce employability where English is required