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Advanced Mixology


Have you accomplished all the techniques of a professional bartender, mastered hundreds of cocktails, are you shaking and stirring without hesitation, but still guessing how to separate yourself from the traditional bartenders whom are also quite good?

The Advanced Mixology course is an intense 3-day program designed for professional bartenders who seek extra knowledge. The course will teach you the art of matching ingredients and mixing your own signature cocktails. Also, learn how to create your own liqueurs, bitters, shrubs and syrups as well as how to create infusions like “Serrano infused Cachaca” or use base infusion techniques to flavor your own spirits and make custom cocktail ingredients.

Throughout this course you’ll learn how to create and use various ingredients from scratch, used in the most prestigious bar programs. These in-house ingredients will assist in creating a cocktail menu that stands out in a major way!

We will guide you into the world of freshly Crafted Cocktails & Molecular Mixology and show you that it´s not as difficult as many people say.

Learn and sample todays trending cocktails as well as yesterday’s lost but not forgotten, when ordering a “cocktail” meant anything with spirit, bitters, sugar, and water.

  • Smoking and Aromatizing
  • Creating homemade syrups, liqueurs, bitters, and shrubs
  • Evolution of the cocktail, dating to the early 1800’s and forward progressions
  • Cocktail Sampling – Learn and taste renowned cocktails from each decade dating back to the prohibition era as well as cocktails lost in time.
  • Infusing spirits with new flavors
  • Fat wash cocktail infusions
  • Spherification
  • Popular techniques of Molecular Mixology / the use of foams, gels, powders, solidifying liquids etc.
  • Matching ingredients and creating your own signature cocktails
  • Barrel aging cocktails and spirits
  • Wine & Sake based cocktail building
  • Mixology Tools, tips and tricks for travel
  • Dehydrating fruit in creative ways / Garnishing
  • This one of a kind advanced bartending program has been developed by our founder and Master in Mixology, Isaac Ergas. The program is constantly being updated to stay in-line with consumer trends. 
  • It is taught onsite in either of our Miami locations. We can also travel.