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Industry leading Instructors and Pioneering Services guarantee the highest quality training and bartender certifications in Miami. Join our Event Staffing Division after certification.

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Not Just a Bartending School, More Like an Institute

We are 110% dedicated to bartender training and development, teaching the artistry and craft of the industry.

Welcome to 786-Bartend, Miami's Bartending school

We train our bartenders on a nonstop basis so they can stay at the top of their profession, move on to high-level positions and successful careers. We offer a broad range of opportunities and Industry Leading services ranging from our State Licensed Bartending School, Spirits Tastings & Certifications Classes, Advanced Mixology Training to Interactive Cocktail Workshops for groups or parties, as well as full-service Event Staffing whereas the bartenders we certify we staff.

Each instructor has over two decades of practical experience in the industry and have extensive training and certifications. We offer a selection of courses, all taught by industry experts. We’re Miami natives, we’re Mixologists, we’re Spirits Educators and best of all we’ve made our bartending careers here in South Florida. We know the city well and exactly what it takes to succeed as a bartender in Miami and throughout the world!

Isaac Ergas

"Simply teaching someone how to bartend is not enough. By immersing individuals in the art of bartending with passion, encouragement to assimilate and innovate, we empower them to excel in any bartending establishment they choose."

786-BARTEND Bartending School of Miami

Expert Training

Get the Proper Education under Industry Leading Trainers.

Instructors have over 20 to 30+ years’ experience. Training is provided by owners, authors and award-winning industry mixologists.

Instructor Isaac Ergas - 786 Bartend Bartending School in Miami
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I am so glad I took the bartending class at this school! I learned a lot that I didn't know before, and it has helped me immensely over the past few years while working behind the bar. It was definitely worth taking the class and I would recommend it to anyone thinking about becoming a bartender!

Jeeca Cabral Bartender

Ever since attending this bartending school in 2015. I have been working as bartender ever since and currently bartending at Kuro Hard Rock Hollywood. Eight years later I am still being invited to educational travel seminars and work events with them. This is the most complete bartending school program you'll find, no doubt. Highly recommended!

Chutimon Mavintorn Bartender at Kuro Hard Rock Hollywood

Thanks for giving me the strongest foundation one could ask for. Isaac teaches a top-notch, high-level curriculum that prepares you correctly to enter hospitality business. I've been bartending ever since graduating. Much more than a bartending school, 100% on point! Thanks 786!

Oscar Santana Bartender

I have spent the past two months working as a bartender in NYC! I work for Al Pastor, a 17th floor rooftop bar right outside Grand Central that specializes in tequila and mezcal cocktails. It's been an absolutely great time (and the money is not so bad either) -- and I am so grateful for everything we learned at 786. Thanks for being a great teacher!

Shreeya Singh Bartender at El Pastor NYC

This course has been an awesome bartending experience. Would recommend to everyone!! You want to learn how to bartend, contact Isaac!

Estella Valle Bartender

I signed up for this course when I first moved down here. Best decision ever! I got a great bartending gig right out of school! Isaac was fun and made the class exciting. I would recommend 786-bartend all day every day!

Billi Tomlinson Bartender

What a great learning experience. Isaac is an extremely knowledgeable teacher. From an extensive list of drinks, all the way to the history of the liquors, how they are made, where the most popular drinks originated from, making the drinks, learning the dos and do nots when working, this class is definitely one that I would highly recommend. I went in from knowing absolutely nothing to now knowing information that even bartenders that I know are not aware of. I will definitely be back for more courses.

Erick Zamora Graduate

Amazing class! Learned more than I thought I would! The instructor, Isaac, teaches you by the book but also real life scenarios and tips

Camilla Cincota Bartender / Graduate

Went to this Bartending school a few years back and had a great experience. Learned a lot from Isaac and he was always there to help students. He was very knowledgeable, and the course was not only very informative but lots of fun. Got to have a lot of hands on experiencing during the course which helped me feel more comfortable when I started Bartending. Would definitely recommend to anyone in search of a Bartending course.

Liza Monteagut Graduate / Business Owner