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Spirits Certification Courses


Certifications For the Industry Trade

Spirits Classes in Miami

Expand your knowledge and advance your career!

If you would like to understand the nature of what constitutes flavor, there is a class for that! Do you want to learn in-depth knowledge into how they are produced and the various differences between expressions?

In order to advance in the industry trade, you may need to obtain relevant certifications. Spirit Certifications can provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to move up the sector ladder. 

The classes are taught by industry trade professionals with Ambassador certifications in Whisky, Gin and Cognac including Certifications in Bourbon as well. You’ll learn how to describe a spirit’s flavor profile, regional regulations of production and requirements. How to find the right expression for your palate and how to taste multiple expressions.

Learning how various styles of barrel aging can influence visuals, aroma and taste. In essence, it takes a lot of focus to be able to spot those earthy aromas, break down flavor profiles, and distinguish the overall attributes that constitutes flavor in each expression.

We offer various types of spirits certifications, so it is important to start with the ones that are best suited for your career goals. Certifications can help you expand your knowledge and advance your career.

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Whisky Ambassador Certification

The Whisky Ambassador program is the original accredited Scotch Whisky training course..
Spirits Classes in Miami

Spirit Tastings Non-Certified

With interactive tastings led by Certified Scotch Whisky Ambassadors, Bourbon executives, and rum enthusiasts. Ask questions and learn about the history, production, and flavor profiles of these spirits.

Certified Bourbon Expert (CBE)

Coming Soon - Certification Course

Cognac Ambassador (CA)

Coming Soon - Certification Course









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Yes, we travel. We have traveled and provided training inside and outside the US. 

Each certification course varies in length of time to complete. Refer to the individual course page for further information.

Depends on the course, we hand select various expressions that are in line with the curriculum covered. 

If it is a Tasting Class (non-certified) then the answer is YES. For certification courses there must be a control where the spirits are chosen by us.

Spirit Certifications Courses vary on Cost as each course has a different price point. Refer to the specific course page for pricing.

Certify Your Venue

At Our Location or We Can Come to You

If you're looking to do a private training, we can come to you.

Certifying your venue will help attract customers, a bar or venue can become an accredited venue by having a Certified Ambassador or Expert on staff. Accredited venues will receive a decal featuring the Official Certification and are listed on the accrediting website. 

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Whisky Ambassador – Get Your Venue Certified

“Too much of anything is bad, however training your pallette to identify a good spirit is rarely enough.”

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