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Professional Bartending School of Miami 786-BARTEND is now providing a brand new flair programs at its Downtown Hollywood campus. Flair bartending has become very popular since the movie Cocktail with Tom Cruise came out as well as hit movie Coyote Ugly. Since then there have been many flair competitions held locally and all around the world! We will teach you the complete Art of Flair. From straws to coasters, shakers to glassware, garnishes and liquor bottles, this practical, hands-on approach teaches any level of bartender how to toss, flip and spin their way into MONSTROUS TIPS. Students of this program will approach their bars in a whole new way, this training will be sure to make you a star behind the bar attracting additional customers, and best of all increasing your tips!

Everyone must choose one of two pains: The pain of discipline or the pain of regret.

Costs are minimal for the INTRODUCTION TO WORKING FLAIR and is only $395.00. This shall include a two days of eight-hour intensive hands-on training seminar, a Flair Bottle and mixing tin as well as all class materials.786-Bartend offers three courses – Introduction, Intermediate, and Exhibition flair classes.  These classes fill up quickly due to the high demand in learning to acquire the Art of Flair bartending. You will learn to increase your tips and have a lot of fun doing so.

Basic Moves

Shaker Techniques

Jigger Techniques

Ice Flair

One Bottle Moves

Two Bottle Moves

Three Objects

Pour Styles & Moves

Class Schedule
Returning in Q2' 2023 TBA

As you're studying in an actual bar, not a mock bar set up to look like a facility, you have convenient access to learning and nosing a fully stocked collection of a craft bar.

Our bar equipment is all commercial grade and set up to service the public. We feel the best way to learn is inside the actual facility. Built to code and actually services guests.

Our stations are second to none, fully equipped with stocked double wells, cubed and crushed ice. Each station also has a glass rinser, a soda gun, and complete bar tools.

Don't worry about paying hundreds of dollars in parking for your 40Hr course. Parking is free at our facilities.


Boost your confidence with us

It is extremely important to learn in a quality training facility. Our courses and classes are always held in the actual Craft Cocktail Bar or Nightclub. Top-notch facilities are important for our students to capitalize.

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.”

Bartenders aren't born; they have been taught.

Imitate, assimilate and innovate are the rules we instill in our students. We start everything by copying. It’s how we learn to do anything! Assimilation happens when we’ve spent so much time mimicking the body movements, ideas, and techniques that we’ve learned practiced over and over again become internalized. We can call on them and reproduce them easily. This is when you can start to Innovate.

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