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Industry Services

We are skilled in several fields of bar service, including event planning and bartender staffing, and in the enhancement of bar operations. We are ready to help you succeed!

Event Staffing

Contract employees for events large and small including festivals & concerts, promos, parties, and temporary work more broadly throughout the South Florida area. We have over 1,000 event staff members.

Staff Training

Do you need to train your bar staff in the basics and sophisticated aspects of cocktail preparation? We offer various services.

Bar Secret Shopper / Audit

Success in the Bar Industry depends on a combination of factors—including customer service and bartender integrity. A defined evaluation of individual members or a group evaluation of the effectiveness of your bar area will permit you to correctly account for drink pouring and handling and the overall customer experience.

Beverage Program

After consulting with our firm, your beverage program will be created to demonstrate the spirit of your brand. We’ll help you increase profits through innovative, customized cocktails. Our consultants will provide pre-opening training sessions to teach your on-site bartenders full implementation.

Event Catering

For Individuals that want to create a Unique Beverage Experience.

Specializing in handcrafted, custom, and artisanal cocktails. Using only freshest of ingredients, premium spirits, and manually pressed juices, which we acquire and source locally.

Hire a Bartender

Whether you need one or many bartenders we can help. We have custom solutions to assist make your event a success.

Yacht & Steward Training

Looking to make a great first impression on your clients? Want to serve drinks that will knock their socks off? You need our Yacht and Steward Cocktail training.