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Bartending School in Miami, State Licensed Bartender CERTIFICATION Course, 40HRS+ Hands-On Bartender Training

Experience comes with practice

state licensed bartending school

Train Inside Our Bar Taught by Award Winning Bartenders, Industry Authors, Bar Owners, Bar Managers & Spirits Ambassadors

The course’s focus is to get you bartending and feeling comfortable behind the bar. We’ll be at the bar with you, making hundreds of cocktails, all the while learning the trade. This is the way people gain the confidence and knowledge they need to be successful behind the bar. We take our time initially, then raise the pace as our journey progresses to develop strong foundations and fundamentals every bartender should know. That’s how we create top bartenders!
Every step of our 40HR Licensed Bartending Course is designed with one goal in mind: to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to constantly succeed behind the bar. Learning to bartend in Miami or anywhere in the world.

“You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.”

Drink Building Techniques

Learn the Do's & Don'ts

Methods of Preparation

Hands-On Practice

Learn 200+ Drinks

Train Inside the Bar

Wine Seminar

Classifications, Varietals to Instruction on Proper Wine Service

Wine Seminar

Bartender Certification Course

Hands-On Training

Job Placement

Discounts on Courses & Tastings

Learn In a Real Bar

Work Events With Us

Wine Seminar

Free Parking

Highly Certified Instructors

Free Refresher Classes

Continuing Education

Speed Bartending

Spirits Training

Fully Stocked Bar

Extensive Resources

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Class Schedule
Mornings - Two Weeks (8 Days) 9:00am to 3:00 PM
Evenings - Two Weeks (8 Days) 5:30 PM to 10:30 PM
One Week - Accelerated (5 Days) 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Weekends - Saturdays & Sundays (3 Weekends) 9:00 AM to 3:45 PM
Free Parking, Free Refresher Classes, Job Placement
February 2024
March 2024
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Bartenders aren't born; they all have been taught.

“Imitate, assimilate and innovate are the rules we instill in our students. We start everything by mimicking. It’s how we learn to do anything! Assimilation happens when we’ve spent so much time mimicking the body movements, ideas, and techniques that we’ve learned practiced over and over again become internalized. We can call on them and reproduce them easily. This is when you can start to Innovate.” Our Founder – Isaac Ergas

As you're studying in an actual bar, built to code, you have convenient access to learning and nosing a fully stocked collection of a full-scale craft bar.

Our bar equipment is all commercial grade and set up to service the public. We feel the best way to learn is inside the actual facility. Built to code and actually services guests.

Our stations are second to none, fully equipped with stocked double wells, cubed and crushed ice. Each station also has a glass rinser, a soda gun, and complete bar tools.


Train Inside the Bar

It is extremely important to learn in a quality training facility. Our courses and classes are always held in the actual Craft Cocktail Bar or Nightclub. Top-notch facilities are important for our students to fast-track learning and capitalize. All students have the ability to visit during operating hours and witness their classroom transform to a top-notch craft cocktail bar.

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.”


Frequently Asked About Our Bartender Training

40-Hour State Licensed Bartending Course – Bartending School in Miami, Florida

When it comes to choosing a bartending school, there are several factors to consider. At 786-Bartend, we stand out as the top choice for bartending training for several reasons.

First and foremost, our training methods are hands-on, providing students with practical experience and skills that are essential in the bartending industry. Our instructors are highly qualified and dedicated to ensuring that every student receives the most up-to-date industry information and a comprehensive skillset.

One of the major advantages of choosing 786-Bartend is our guaranteed job placement assistance for our graduates. Through our extensive network of clubs, restaurants, bars, and event companies throughout Miami, Fl we have successfully secured employment opportunities for our graduates. This network sets us apart from other bartending programs and contributes to our graduates' high success rate in obtaining permanent bartending positions.

We take pride in offering the most current and relevant industry knowledge. Our instructors are not only knowledgeable but also enthusiastic about sharing their expertise with our students. They go above and beyond to ensure that every student has the information and skillset they need to thrive in a competitive bartending environment.

Furthermore, 786-Bartend focuses on personalized attention and support. We understand that each student has unique learning needs and goals, and our instructors are dedicated to providing individualized guidance and assistance throughout the training process.

In summary, 786-Bartend is the optimal choice for bartending training due to our hands-on teaching methods, guaranteed job placement assistance, extensive network of employment opportunities, commitment to providing up-to-date industry information, and personalized support for each student. With us, you can be confident that you are receiving the best education and preparation for a successful career as a bartender.

"If you're not ready for the exam, no worries! You'll receive three months of free course attendance. You can take the exam multiple times on future exam days until you feel prepared."

Well, for one you'll be job ready and start the process of obtaining employment. We have many resources to help you with that. In addition to working events with the event staffing division, graduates from our program also have discounted access to all our courses and tastings. They can join us in our travel events and seminars, further expanding their knowledge and networking opportunities.

As an alumnus, you are still considered part of our family that we've curated for over 14 years. In addition, you will be granted the ability to access to all our continuing education programs as well.

The majority of our students have little to no prior bartending experience.

Your tuition includes the cost of the State Licensed Bartending Course. Materials are not included ($85).

SERV Safe Alcohol Certification, provided by the National Restaurant Association is offered for an additional $50 which you may take online or onsite at the 786-Bartend Bartending School.

"You receive unlimited complimentary refresher bartending classes with no tuition fees. Feel free to return as often as you wish. You can always make up missed classes as long as the total does not exceed 8 clock hours. In case of exceeding 8 clock hours, a reinstatement process will apply."

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our bartending course, we will promptly refund all payments on a pro-rata basis up to the second day. Minus the registration fee.

The difference between bartending and mixology is that bartending is the art of making cocktails, while mixology is the art of creation. Mixology often involves more complex ingredients and flavors outside of creating the classics. We cover mixology concepts and practices within this course.

Yes, we are a state licensed Bartender School in Miami, Florida.

During your training, you can work as a server or bar back for events. These job roles allow you to gain practical experience and earn income while undergoing your training.

Inquiring about the duration of bartending school in Miami, Florida? Well, the length of your bartending education is a minimum of 40 Hours and may possibly be adjusted to your schedule. We often go over the 40 Hour minimum to ensure the success of everyone. Classes are conveniently available during the week as well as on the weekends seven days a week, allowing you to select the schedule that best suits your needs. You can also reattend the class for free if needed.  This flexibility ensures that you can complete your bartending school journey at your own pace, setting you up for success in the ever-exciting world of mixology.

"Our bartending schools in Miami, Florida has successfully trained a large number of students, soon reaching into the tens of thousands."

You'll learn inside the bar, period! It's the only way to learn the right way. Unlike other bartending courses throughout Miami & South Florida, our courses are always conducted in our own nightclub and cocktail bars. You'll never learn in a pretend bar with us. This form of teaching sets 786-BARTEND way ahead of courses that have been in existence for over 30 years. Giving you the maximum experience! Oh, and parking is on us.

You can register for bartending classes at your convenience! Our bartending school in Miami and Hialeah offers registration options both in-person and online throughout the week, from Monday to Saturday. Whether you prefer a physical visit or the ease of online registration, you can sign up for classes during any week of the month in 2023-24. Our knowledgeable staff is always present on campus to assist you in starting your exciting journey towards a successful bartending career. Please call us to schedule an appointment for in person visits.

Yes, the 40 Hour Bartending Course does include certification. Upon completion and successfully passing all testing modules you shall be a Certified Bartender. You'll also be eligible to work events with our event staffing division. We are state licensed allowing us to certify, known as a bartending license.

The age requirement to attend the Bartending Course is 18 years old.

The cost to take 786-BARTEND'S 40 HOUR “Ultimate State Licensed Bartending Course" is $495.  The course is $495 which includes the registration (Materials are an additional $85)! Offer applies to current or future 40 Hour State Licensed Bartending Courses in Miami. Act fast as we have not raised our prices in 14 years. 

We'll continue keep our prices affordable by not adding any unnecessary addons you may think you need, but actually don't!

You must be at least 18yrs of age and have a valid picture identification (state id, driver's license, military id, or a passport) to attend our bartending school in Miami

Yes! Our instructors are bi-lingual. We have instructional materials in Spanish as well. Ofrecemos Cursos de Bartender en espanol.

Yes, you can register with by paying the $150 registration deposit to reserve a seat. The balance can be paid in two installments.

Most states require individuals to be at least 18 years old to bartend.

Yes, every student is eligible for employment through our event staffing services. While you are training, you cannot work as a bartender, however, you can be employed for events as a server or bar back, providing opportunities to earn cash.

"Our bartending school has successfully placed numerous students into various job opportunities within the bustling Miami, Florida area and throughout the state of Florida. Over the years, we have facilitated the placement of a considerable number of students, helping them secure rewarding positions in the field of bartending."

Our bartending schools in Miami, Florida first opened its doors in December 2009, making it more than 14 years old.

State Licensed Bartending Course Curriculum

Students will receive comprehensive training in bartending, covering a wide range of essential skills and knowledge. Our program includes hands-on experience in various styles of bars, allowing students to confront real-world challenges and develop the necessary expertise. They will learn about proper bar setups, including bartender stations, back bar arrangements, and the use of essential tools, equipment, and glassware. Additionally, students will gain insight into the back-of-the-house operations, such as walk-ins, coolers, dry storage, and spirits room management. Our bartending school provides a comprehensive education that prepares students for success in the industry.

Understanding expressions, bottle labeling, and classifications between spirit categories in detail is crucial. A fully stocked spirits bar provides the opportunity for nosing comparisons, which enhance the understanding of the different brand expressions. Additionally, our training covers the history, origins, and industry knowledge required to excel in the field. We also discuss common brands extensively. Our instructors are experts in their respective fields, including Whisky Ambassadors, Bourbon Executives, Agave Masters, and Certified Spirits Educators. It is worth noting that this type of comprehensive training is not easy to find. As a result, bartenders who successfully pass our exam have a high rate of success in securing bartending jobs and keeping them.

Continuing and Expanding Knowledge of Spirits.

Maximize bar profits by implementing effective pouring strategies. Provide hands-on practice that covers various techniques. It is crucial for every bartender to master these techniques, as the methods used may vary depending on the specific bar and cocktail being crafted. We will cover them all!

Understanding and practicing the numerous methods & steps to ensure each cocktail is built properly. Keeping the customers experience in the forefront. 

Our students will continue to expand their knowledge of spirits. They will learn all the various types of liqueurs as well as the flavors associated with each brand including the history, origins and the differences between generics & proprietaries.

Learn the preparation for basic to advanced garnishing techniques for yesterday’s traditional cocktails to today’s most popular trendy libations. They will also come to understand herbs, bitters and syrups often used to prepare and enhance taste and presentation.

Learn preparations from basic to advanced garnishing techniques for classic cocktails to today’s most popular trendy libations. They will also come to understand modifiers such as herbs, bitters and syrups often used to prepare and enhance taste and presentation.

Hands-on practice on setting up a fully scaled bar will help students develop precision in handling a standard bar, preparation of classic and trendy cocktails, within the Highball, Rocks, and Martini Styles

Students will learn how to prepare a range of drinks, including Shots & Shooters, Sours, Cream Drinks, Tropical & Frozen Drinks. Hands-on practice of all drinks mastered.

Learn how to select the most rewarding work venues to maximize income while working. Learn to incorporate industry trade secrets that can catapult you earning power. Customer service Procedures: Cash handling procedures & customer sequence of service & procedures.

Our students will be acquainted with the definitions and understanding of labeling, wine varietals and classification systems. Processes involved in making all the types of wines, and general information pertaining to the industry. Included will be shown proper white glove wine service. Mixology & lab - wine & coffee drinks

How to prepare different juices, syrups and industry standard mixes.

Students will learn and practice the art of speed bartending. They will obtain the skills and confidence to keep pace with any high-volume establishment.

Discover how to freelance and locate work for a staffing company on a freelance basis.

Our students will be given a clearly defined comprehensive look for making a profit for the success of any bar operation as well as the dos and don’ts of bartending and how to be most profitable in their time behind the bar

Over 200 drink recipes will be practiced during the hands-on experience behind the bar and lessons with our experienced staff will gradually make them second nature.

Our students will learn the dos and don’ts of dealing with their patrons. They will learn how to handle customer problems and the legalities that apply to the Bartending Profession will also be covered. They will also learn how to serve customers responsibly.

Our students will do a full cram session review to prepare for examination.

Three-part exam which consists of a written exam, pouring, and a hands-on practical. Students will be allowed a maximum total of three hours to finish all three parts.

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