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Whisky Ambassador Certification Program

Whisky AMBASSADOR Certification

Whisky Ambassador Program

Raise Your Status as a Certified Whisky Ambassador

Whisky Ambassador, The original accredited Scotch Whisky Training Course, available inside our venue and can be brought directly to your establishment or bar. As the sole accredited Whisky Course catering to Enthusiasts, Hospitality professionals, and the Licensed Trade, we provide a comprehensive and immersive learning experience. Our course is specifically designed to equip you with a profound knowledge of Scotch Whisky, empowering you with the skills and confidence necessary to engage in in-depth discussions about Scotland’s national drink. As a result, you will enjoy enhanced customer interactions and increased sales.

In today’s era where customers are seeking greater understanding of the premium alcoholic beverages they choose, this course arrives at the perfect time. Join us for this exciting and interactive one-day program, and embark on the journey to becoming a Certified Whisky Ambassador. Gain valuable insights, expand your expertise, and make lasting connections in the world of Whisky.

“The proper drinking of Scotch whisky is more than indulgence: it is a toast to civilization, a tribute to the continuity of culture, a manifesto of man’s determination to use the resources of nature to refresh mind and body and enjoy to the full the senses with which he has been endowed.”

Become a Certified Whisky Ambassador

Unlocking Greater Employee Confidence, Customer Satisfaction, and Increased Profits

By participating in the Whisky Ambassador program, you will experience a range of benefits that directly impact your professional success. This whisky course includes fostering greater employee confidence, boosting customer satisfaction, and ultimately leading to higher profits. Not only will you gain the skills and knowledge necessary to expertly recommend, sell, and upsell Whisky, but you will also develop a profound understanding of the uniqueness of Whisky, its origins, and the reason behind its ubiquitous presence in bars worldwide. Embrace your role as a Whisky Ambassador, proudly displaying your prestigious Accredited Certificate and ensuring that your customers enjoy the finest Whisky experiences.

Attain Accreditation for Your Venue

Immerse your bar in a world of prestige and distinction by having a Certified Whisky Ambassador on your staff. This prestigious certification not only sets your establishment apart from the competition but also demonstrates your commitment to providing an exceptional whisky experience to your customers.

When your bar becomes an accredited venue by having a Certified Whisky Ambassador, it signifies a mark of excellence in the industry. It showcases your dedication to the craft and your profound knowledge of whisky. Customers are drawn to the expertise and refined palate that a Certified Whisky Ambassador on site brings to the table, enhancing their overall experience.

As an accredited venue, you will receive a distinguished decal featuring the official Whisky Ambassador website and other official information. This symbol of accreditation serves as a beacon for whisky enthusiasts, guiding them to your establishment in search of the finest whisky experiences.

Embrace the prestige and recognition that comes with being an accredited destination for whisky enthusiasts by enlisting a Certified Whisky Ambassador on your staff today.

There are only two ways a manager can impact an employee's output: motivation and training. If you are not training, then you are neglecting half the job.

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Private Tastings & Events

We also hold whisky tastings and events, whether to entertain your external clients, bachelor party goers, staff parties, team events, or public events. All events are tailor-made you can submit your requirements.

Accredited - The programme is accredited by BIIAB, the UK’s leading provider of qualifications for the licensed trade.


Establishment Training, We Can Travel

With over 13 Years training bartenders and the licensed trade. We travel around the world providing training. Message us for your exact needs.


Nosing & Tasting

Other World Whiskies

Written & Practical Exam

Sales & Customer Service

Mixers & Cocktails

History & Production

Economic Impact

Yes, we have traveled and provided training inside and outside the US. 

Accredited Certificate as a Certified Whisky Ambassador, as well a Whisky Ambassador badge to wear with pride.

Venues will receive an official Whisky Ambassador decal and can be featured on the official Whisky Ambassador website so that customers looking for the best whisky experiences can easily find you. As a venue you may also add to your menu that you have a Whisky Ambassador on site.

We can deliver the training at yours, ours, or any venue to suit.

We currently do not provide accommodations. However, we are more than glad to assist in helping find suitable accommodations.



The Whisky Ambassador One-Day Program Covers:

• The Economic Impact of Whisky
• How, when and where it all started
• Where and how it’s made
• Nosing and tasting
• Mixers and cocktails
• Sales and customer service
• Other world whiskies
• Practical and written exam

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Become a Whisky ambassador. Our Whisky Ambassador training program will teach you everything you need to know.

Private Whisky Events Are Available

If you’re searching for an enjoyable and entertaining way to spend time with your friends and beloved ones, having a dedicated whisky workshop is a great idea. From a quick tasting lesson to a behind-the-scenes Masterclass, these events cater specifically to you and your group. If you’re gathering friends, celebrating a milestone or organizing a charity fundraiser and are searching for a unique method to get people Aboard, investing in a whisky workshop is likely to pay off.

The Whisky Ambassador programme will make a real impact on staff and management. You will be able to showcase Scotland's best-known secret by unlocking its mysteries to regulars and tourists. Sound product knowledge, a brilliant offering and great service will drive customers into your premises. Investing in your work force in a positive manner encourages retention and develops skills widely needed in our industry. I recommend this course to everyone who is really interested in making their business work.
Janet Hood
Accredited Licensing Specialist, Janet Hood Consulting